Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Read It Or Not: How I Live Now

This young adult book was such an easy read, it was refreshing. I finished it within a week but have only gotten round to publishing my thoughts on it now because I have not quite mastered the blogging whilst working skill just yet. Now, I won't go as far as calling How I Live Now my 'Book of the Year' but it is a good book filled with mystery, romance, and various portrayals of the brutality, fragility and humanity of human beings. 

*  *  *  *
Written by Meg Rosoff, How I Live Now is about a young American girl, deemed to be a terribly misunderstood teenager by her parents, who is shipped off to visit her aunt that lives in England for the summer in the hopes that someone would be able to get through to her. During her stay a terrorist coalition rears its ugly head throwing the world into chaos and we are told how she and those who she interacts with survive the world that they live in now. I am quite intrigued to see how the film turns out as it has been ages since I've read a book before I've watched the film adaptation. I hate knowing what happens before it happens...if you know what I mean. But I guess we all have different ways of viewing things so hopefully the director's vision for this story greatly differs from mine.

*  *  *  *

Read it or not...that is your choice.

Mo x