Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fears of A Writer

I'm afraid.

Afraid that I will one run out of things to say.. stories to tell.... worlds to share. So many stories have already been told since the world began. Is there anything that can be considered new any more? I know that the odds of someone writing a piece on the same topic that is brewing in your mind in the exact way and manner you would regale the world with your thoughts on said topic is so low it can be considered impossible. But...what if it is possible? That right now, the project that you have sweated and toiled over and called your own is not in fact just yours alone...that someone else shares this project with you also. There must be thousands of writers all scribbling furiously in their notepads and journals right this moment, hoping to hold onto that brilliant thought (that most of us could share) long enough to be the first one to put it into words and onto paper.


Paper will never lose its appeal to me. I don't know about you but I love to write my drafts on paper first. Most of them never get transcribed into an electronic format but I don't really mind that because at the end of the day, I feel more connected to the story when it is actually written by me- yes, I am aware that is not sustainable of me :/.  I remember reading somewhere that paper is one of the best listeners in the world and it really is. It is also quite patient- never rushing you to get your words out. Whatever greatness or crappyness it now beholds, it will never reject your thoughts- we do that.  It is only now that I am beginning to be more confident about sharing my work with others to see if they will be as accepting as my pads of paper have been and using it as a means to figure out how I can improve my writing skill. Whether I will pluck up the courage to one day send a draft of my musings to an actual editor is yet to be decided... but I am no longer running away from that possibility which to me is progress. 

But I am still afraid.

Afraid that the ink of my pen is about to run out and there are no more refills. Afraid that I will not get to live the dream I have had since I was a young girl in this lifetime simply because I have nothing else to offer. The fear that what ever I produce could be classed as plagiarism because someone else got their work out first. But even though that fear is slowly trying to prevent me from picking up my pen all together, I actually do not think I would ever stop writing. Even if it is about mundane things like the feel of wet sand beneath my feet on a windy day at the beach, I know I will still write about it. So, I guess all that is left for me to do now is to persevere and keep on writing. Because even if I create a story that is so similar to someone else's, there will be differences that will make it uniquely mine even if it is only how I chose to arrange the words used in my sentences.

And if my pen does indeed run out of ink...

Well, I will just have to go out and get a new one. After all, who doesn't love a shiny new pen? Embracing a new way of writing...of thinking... of expressing one's self. Going beyond what was to experience something new. Getting out of your studio, office or room to enter into the world and allowing it to inspire you and give you exactly what you need for you to carry on. Yes, when that time comes and I feel I have no more stories to tell I will simply force myself to put on my coat and walking shoes, carry my purse and umbrella and head out of my house to go out and get new ideas... change my perspective. I will allow all my senses to absorb the beauty and chaos around me that always differs day to day and interpret it in whatever way comes naturally.

Mo x

Friday, 24 January 2014

Read It Or Not: Quiet


It took me a while but I got there. As it is a book with actual pages of references at the back of it, it is not your usual work of fiction. Matter of fact it is not a fictional book at all. I must admit that this is not the kind of book I am used to reading in my spare time as a bunch more brain cells were required to process it. Even writing this post proved to be quite difficult as not only was there was a lot of material to digest in Quiet, it took me quite a while to finish it and I didn't take note of my thoughts on each chunk I read so I have forgotten where my favourite bits of the book are. No doubt about it though, this is definitely a book that I will be referring back to every now and again.

Quiet was written by a woman called Susan Cain and she is a wonderful writer! I know that the reason I kept turning the pages of her book until I got to the end was not solely because the main topic of her book hit close to home for me but also because her writing style is such that it sounds like she was having a conversation with us, the readers- weaving bits of her life stories in with those of others and some scientific research to back up her facts or pose new ways of thinking. If only textbooks were written is such a manner...
Quiet is about challenging the world to change its current ways of valuing mostly the extroversion-type qualities in people and realise, as well as reward, the beauty and benefits of people who are considered to be introverts... Quiet. 

I know only too well the highly uncomfortable feeling that consumes you when you receive word that you have been invited for an assessment centre which is designed to see how you cope in group activities and just how well you make yourself stand out from the crowd; the sickening feeling you get when you drag yourself to the front of the classroom, that is far too close to be right, to give that dreaded presentation you have been slaving away on all week in front of all your classmates; the butterflies that swarm aimlessly in your tummy when you host a meeting with your company's senior management team to showcase your findings on the project you have been working on; the unease that stiffens your stride as you go to a party where you literally know 2 people who are currently engaged in a discussion with a massive group of people you don't know which means you are left standing alone like a lemon in the corner of the room wondering why you came; the dread that coses up to you went your parents or partner not-so-subtly suggest you get out more by picking up a sport or getting involved in more societies or attending/hosting more dinner parties or a whole bunch of other things that quite frankly just exhaust you.

In my opinion, Quiet explores the intricacies of introversion and extroversion and how people that lean more toward to either side can cope in the environments we live in today. It  gives advice to parents, teachers, managers and folks in relationships on how to better understand their kids, students, employees and partners respectively that are considered introverts. It is filled with stories about public figures who made their mark on the world in their own way even though they saw themselves as introverts showing that introverts can be just as powerful/influential. There are summaries of studies that have been conducted by people considered experts in the field of human personality theories in the book that shed a bit of light on both personality traits. Real-life stories of people that have understood how to wield their introversion-like qualities to their advantage to complete tasks that were once considered out of their comfort zone are strategically placed within the book to support the topic being explored in each chapter. And tales from Susan herself that tell you her personal view on the power of introversion are interwoven amongst the research that she has decided to share with the public .

As a self-proclaimed introvert, Quiet was an big eye-opener for me and made me realise that just because society values certain attributes that I do not possess in spades, it doesn't mean that introverts do not have an important part to play in society. It also taught me a few things on how to handle situations that I do not necessarily jump for joy about being in which was quite enlightening. If you are interested in a bit of psychology, the complexity of one's personality and history, then I think you will like it this book.

Read it or not...that is your choice.

Mo x

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Read It Or Not: Eat Pray Love

For those of you who might be up to date with my other space in this big interweb, it will come as no surprise that I have decided to read this book this year. Written by Elizabeth GilbertEat Pray Love is a book that I have meaning to get my hands on since I first saw the film. I have watched that movie more times than I can count and I cannot wait to sink my eyes into the book from which the film was birthed. I have heard so many good things about this, I am glad a copy has now found a home on my desk that is close to buckling under the weight of the books I have on it already. I really need to invest in a bookshelf...or three.

This is my book for January.

Feel free to join me on this adventure or share your verdict on the books I plan to read or recommend the ones you love.

Mo x

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Push It To The Limit

The last few months of 2013 was terrible for me with regards to the books I managed to read. I still haven't finished Quiet nor have I begun to read Great Expectations. This year I plan to be different. I will finish at least one book a month. It shouldn't be that hard as I love reading and my social life is not vibrant enough to justify why I could not complete this simple task last year.

So, I will publish my thoughts on Quiet this month as well as my thoughts on my book for January. I want my book for January to be a new addition to my ever-growing library as I think it will be a great start to this year. All will be revealed in another post. Great Expectations will be read this year, don't you worry, along with other great classics.

Also, to any book lover out there, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have on books that I just have to read. I really want to expand the genres of books that I read this year. I think the romantic in me has been thoroughly spoilt all these years hehe.

I wish all the best with achieving the goals you have set for yourself this year!

Mo x